They are touted as the next bit thing in technology – smartwatches that can keep you up to date right from your wrist. However, experts have warned they could also be the next big target for hackers. A video reveals just how easy it is to read messages sent to a smartwatch running Google’s Android software.

‘Smartwatches, bands and devices all have a lack of security. ‘We trust these devices with everything from messages and Facebook updates to biometric information,’ said Liviu Arsene of Bitdefender, which uncovered the issue. ‘Everything from SMS messages to Facebook or Google Hangouts chats are constantly being forwarded to your smartwatch.’

He found that Google’s Android Wear software relies on a six digit pin code to link to watches.
‘This six digit pin code can be easily bruteforced,’ he said. ‘It was not all that that difficult to do.’ ‘Because the Android Wear obfuscation relies on a pin code of only six digits during the initial pairing, an attacker wouldn’t take long to brute-force number and start reading your conversations in plain-text,’ he wrote.

‘Of course, this means an attacker would have to be fairly near the victim and log all intercepted Bluetooth data packets, but the large-scale adoption of such an exploit could be fueled by the increasing number of smartwatches or smartbands… see more

source: Dailymail UK