At least 39 government websites have been defaced by a group called “Anonymous Philippines” on Sunday. The group is urging the public to join their protest action on Tuesday, November 5, to “try to be a part of the history.”

The hacked websites include the Office of the Ombudsman, Optical Media Board, and the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, among other several local government sites, and said more government will be hacked.

On the homepages of hacked websites, it shows a Youtube video with a message calling the public to join the “revolution” outside Batasang Pambansa on Nov. 5, to “march our way to freedom.”

“We apologize for this inconvenience, but this is the only easiest way we could convey our message to you, our dear brothers and sisters who are tired of this cruelty and this false democracy, tired of this government and the politicians who only think about themselves,” the hackers said.

In Anonymous Philippines Facebook Account, it said that the event, which was called “Million Mask March,” aims to remind this country what it has forgotten. That fairness, justice and freedom are more than words. These are perspectives.”

“The government, in many ways, has failed its Filipino citizens. We have been deprived of things which they have promised to give; what our late heroes have promised us to give,” the group said.

“A march is happening, a revolution. A way to speak, a way to be heard. On the fifth day of November, 2013, we will try to be a part of the history,” it added.

The group also challenges the “incorrupt” officials to join the protest, while giving  a warning to corrupt officials to “fear us.”

“You can sleep, sit, go on with your everyday routine just like a herd of sheep and watch as the government laugh at you. But if you see what we see, if you feel as we feel, and if you would seek as we seek… then we ask you to stand beside us,” it added.

The same group had also defaced several government websites on August 25, eve of the Million People March which protested and call for the abolition of the scandal-ridden Priority Development Assistance Fund, or pork barrel. see more

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