They may not be as beautiful as the recent Galapagos Islands images, or as immersive as being able to virtually sail along the canals of Venice, but Google’s latest StreetView shots are a lot more useful.

The tech firm has mapped over 50 train and tube stations across the world, 16 international airports and a cable car in Hong Kong to help travellers find their way around.

Flyers can also walk around an A380 plane stationed on the concourse at Dubai Airport to find their seat or compare leg room.

The images make it possible for people to familiarise themselves with the layout of stations, discover the nearest toilet or departure board and even find their check-in desk.

They also give an insight into how accessible stations are for wheelchair users or parents.

And to help tourists further, Google has created an interactive map that plots all of these new additions to its StreetView service to make them easier to find.

Click a marker on the map below to see what its pointing at and then click the shortened link to go straight to that transport depot. The latitude and longitude coordinates are also listed.  see more

source: dailymail UK