Google has become the third big technology company to be worth more than the entire Russian stock market — and Google itself isn’t even having a very good time of it.

All of the shares listed on Russia’s stock market, the Moscow Exchange, are now worth $325 billion, less than Google’s more than $340 billion.

The value of Russian companies has plunged and has continued to plunge as the weakening rouble, the cost of sanctions and other problems mean that investors take flight from the country.

And Google isn’t even doing especially well this year — it’s dropped 5.34% over the year, and even more in the last few months.

Google is the third big tech company to overtake Russia, after Apple and Microsoft. There are few other firms so large — most of the rest of the companies looking to get ahead of Russia are big industrial ones, like General Electric — and so Russia is likely to be spared at least some of the embarrassment of further high-profile companies overtaking it in the coming weeks… see more

source: Guardian UK