It’s unlikely the majority of us are so overwhelmed with tweets, Facebook posts, emails and texts that we need someone – or something – to reply on our behalf.

However, this hasn’t stopped Google filing a patent for a system that would do just that.

According to the details of the latest patent filed by a software engineer at the firm, Google’s automated system would work like a social media bot and submit posts on a user’s behalf.

It would do this by scanning that user’s previous posts and replies on sites such as Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, as well as their emails and texts messages, to learn how that person writes.

The bot would then write replies and responses to future posts in a way that mimics that person’s usual language and tone.

The more a person uses the system, the more the bot can learn the type of responses they write and this would make the suggestions sound more human and realistic.

This would also potentially involve the bot scanning posts written by friends and family too, and could have significant privacy implications.

Nick Pickles, director of Big Brother Watch, told MailOnline: ‘Technology like this must only ever be opt-in, as it has the potential to allow companies like Google to harvest even more data from your private communications to enable automatic posting to sound authentic.

‘If you regularly send a text message about a certain type of medication or email a lawyer with words like ‘divorce’ appearing, the computer can quite easily identify you to a human searching through the data looking for certain things.

Google has already been criticised for scanning the content of emails in its Gmail service for advertising purposes so it could, in theory, do the same with posts, emails and text messages…. see more

source: dailymail UK