Imagine a world with giant snakes as long as buses that are so fat that they can only just squeeze through the door.

Turtles the size of SmartCars would hunt crocodiles, while horses as small as cats could be found roaming fields.

This was Earth around 55 million years ago, according to U.S. researchers who have been studying the link between the size of animals, reptiles and a change in climate.

Now scientists are warning massive reptiles and shrinking mammals could be found on our planet again if global warming takes hold.

Jonathan Bloch, a paleontologist at the Florida Museum of Natural History, last week told a conference in Gainesville that there is a clear link between the global warming and unusual animal fossils.

Dr Bloch has been looking at a period known as the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum which occurred around 55 million years ago.

At this time global temperatures rose by about 6 °C over a period of 200,000 years.

Dr Bloch has seen evidence of these strange creature first hand. Last year he helped discover 60-million-year-old South American giant turtle that lived in what is now Colombia. see more

source: Dailymail UK