A TEN-year-old girl has been ordered to be raped by a village chief because her dad beat up a man trying to molest his wife in India’s latest shocking sex crime. The Times of India reports the girl has been raped at the behest of a village chief in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand in the most recent incident in the country’s seemingingly unstoppable tide of violence against women.

Police said that the rape followed a confrontation on Monday night when a 25-year-old man barged into the victim’s house in an inebriated state, trying to molest the child’s mother. Her husband then beat up the attacker and threw him out.

The following morning, the man went to the chief of the village in Bokaro district, police said, and complained of being assaulted. A spokesman added that an assembly of elders was convened to determine how best to punish the violent husband.

The families of the victim and the attacker were summoned to the meeting, where the village chief allegedly directed the man to rape the ten-year-old girl to avenge the assault, police said.
The man is then claimed to have dragged the girl into bushes a short distance away and raped her, ignoring her mother’s cries. An hour later, the mother retrieved her daughter from the bushes, where she lay soaked in blood, police said.

As horrifying as this incident is, it is just one of the estimated 25,000 rape cases which are reported across India each year… see more

source: news.com.au