A giant robot statue, which Ankara residents first encountered last month when it was erected across from the Ankapark amusement park in the city and was later replaced with that of a dinosaur, appears to be back in the capital city of Ankara, accompanied by other giant statues.
According to the Cihan news agency, four robot and two dinosaur statues were erected in front of one of Ankara’s biggest malls, just outside of the Akköprü metro station. Cihan said the statues have drawn the attention of passerby who took the photos of them and joked that the Ankara mayor’s huge robots will conquer the city one day.

A huge statue of a robot similar to the “transformers” of comic book and TV fame was erected across from Ankapark to promote the amusement park on April 1, leading passersby to believe the statue was an April Fool’s Day joke played on city residents by Mayor Melih Gökçek. However, the robot statue, which drew satirical comments as well as criticism, was later replaced with that of a dinosaur, after a decision by Gökçek, who carried out a “Twitter survey” on possible statue replacements and names for the statue. The flamboyant mayor from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party), who has been at the helm of the Ankara Municipality for decades said the municipality decided to replace the giant robot, which was called “Otorobot,” with a three-meter high and 10-meter-long dinosaur statue called “T-rex.”.. see more

source: todayszaman