According to a widely believed belief, it is only Muslims that loathed the U.S. On contrary, this concept did not hold water since Christian world also criticised the U.S e.g. Romanians. Majority of educated and up-to-dated Romanians believed that 9/11 attacks were an inside job and American war on terror, launched after 9/11, was a heinous instrument that tormented and tattered the world.

Moreover, as big corporation swayed the U.S government and politicians, similarly, these corporations (for their conglomerate interests) used governments and politicians of poor countries. The very same could be seen in Romania where the U.S. energy company Chevron, since 2010, obtained concessions in Romania, covering a combined area of 2.2 million acres to explore gas reserves in the Eastern plains and the Black Sea coastal region of Romania. Lack of transparency and information triggered protests throughout Romania, since, contracts between Chevron and the authorities have been classified as secret [1]. In addition, for conglomerate interests, public interest and environmental interests were willingly neglected both by Romanian government of Victor Ponta that permitted Chevron and the U.S energy company. This secret cooperation, between Romanian government and the U.S Company and negligence of public and environmental interests, brought Romanians out of their homes. Hundreds of Romanians formed human chain in front of Chevron machinery to stop the U.S Company from drilling Shale Gas Well and installed tents to stay on the site. There were reports that, protestors were threatened that if they participated in protest, they will be deprived from welfare funds..


“People who receive welfare were stopped to come to protests. The village mayor threatened the people not to give them money, if they dare to come to the demonstration”

The entire situation brisked anti-American sentiment throughout Romania, where people believed that American companies are not only looting Romania but also are destroying environment.


source: Nytimes, Romania insider


contributed by: Shahid Khan