Uber has struggled with legal and reputational travails this week but it received a much-needed lift on Friday after French authorities gave the taxi hire service breathing space to set up its UberPop service.

A Paris judge ruled UberPop — a service which allows drivers without a taxi license to register with Uber and offer trips in their own cars at a cheaper rate — could be offered in France while the company challenged certain aspects of French transport law in a higher court, news media reported.

However, the court ruled that some of taxi hire service’s advertising should be temporarily banned.

Earlier, France’s economy minister weighed into the controversy, saying Uber is a “reality” in Paris but people have to be protected.

“It doesn’t make sense to have a crazy driver without a license because one day you’ll have an issue,” Emmanuel Macron said at a conference on Thursday.

The French case follows a slew of legal challenges around the world for the San Francisco-based start-up. Earlier this week, Uber was banned in Delhi after one of its drivers was arrested on suspicion of rape, and suspensions in the Netherlands and Spain have added further pressure… see more

source: cnbc