The suspension of Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef’s show “El-Bernameg” by privately-owned channel CBC has drawn widespread critcism from public figures, many expressing their concern regarding the future of Freedoms in Egypt.

Minutes before millions were expecting El-Bernameg’s second episode of the third season on Friday, a statement was read by the host channel saying El-Bernameg would not air as expected, claiming Youssef and his producer had “violated what had been agreed upon” with the channel, as well as CBC’s “editorial policies.”

The statement added that the show will remain off air until editorial and commercial disputes with Youssef are resolved.

“If only I were minister of information, I would have invited Bassem Youssef to host his show on state TV,” said Law professor and Head of Cairo University Gaber Nassar via Twitter on Friday night, adding that the suspension affirms that the relationship of businessmen to media outlets is an issue that needs to be revised.

Mohamed Abdel-Hameed, one of the audience members who attended the recording of the banned-episode on Wednesday, told Ahram Online that Bassem had “ridiculed CBC’s two-faced attitude towards his show after they issued a statement disagreeing with the content of the episode.”

“He made it very clear that whatever ******** reason they had is redundant, as they aired “Hekayet Hayah” in Ramadan, which according to their ‘code’ should have been banned,” said Abdel-Hameed, referring to a TV series aired on CBC last August that drew criticism for containing foul language and sexual intimation, which many perceived as inappropriate for an Egyptian audience.

“In the last part [of the banned episode] he said, if the government thinks I am a threat to national security, they should give me a call and I’ll stop the show, adding that he didn’t think the country is that fragile,” added Abdel-Hameed.

The dispute began following Youssef’s first episode, which came after an almost three month hiatus, stirring controversy after the popular satirist poked fun at supporters of the General Commander of the Armed Forces Abdel-Fatah El-Sisi, whose popularity soared after the ouster of Mohamed Morsi on 3 July.

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source: ahram online