Having a high conversion rate is important for any website owner who is selling online. If visits to your page aren’t converting well to sells, you may be dealing with lower profit margins because you’re not making as much as you should per visitor.

There are a few simple tweaks you can make to your website and to your online marketing campaign that could drastically increase your conversion rates. The following are five things you can do to increase your website’s conversion rates:

Provide a guarantee that buyers will be able to get a refund if they want

A lot of customers will be reluctant to make a purchase online if there is no guarantee that a refund will be available. When buying online, customers don’t get a chance to see the actual product right in front of them. This means that don’t necessarily want to be committed to keeping the product until they can actually see it and gauge its appropriateness for their needs. You should consider putting a refund guarantee on the sales page so that customers have more confidence in making a purchase from you.

Place some testimonials on your sales page from past buyers

Customer testimonials may encourage more customers to make a purchase from you. It’s best if these testimonials are verifiable and link to a social media page or another page on the Internet that could verify the identity of the individual who left the testimonial. Testimonials don’t only attest to the value and quality of the product. They are often important for just giving customers added information about the product and letting the customers know more about how the product is used. Testimonials are important for providing social proof that the details listed on the sales page about the product are accurate.

Make the purchasing process as simple as possible

You may be dealing with lagging conversation rates because it’s more complicated than it should be to make a purchase on your site. There are a lot of tools out there that you can add to your website or use in place of your website to make the checkout process more simple.

In order to make the shopping cart and checkout features of your site as simple as possible, you should rely on the assistance of developers who specialize in e-commerce. Try services out there like Magento Development to streamline the checkout process and increase conversion rates.

Make sure your sales page has a headline that grabs the visitor’s interest

Low conversion rates are often an indication that the page visitor is quickly becoming bored and uninterested in the product. This happens because the headline, imagery, and text at the top of the page are not grabbing the page visitors attention.

Headlines need to clearly describe a product but should ideally focus on the greatest strength or biggest benefit of the product. Try to get to the point with your heading. It may sometimes be effective to pique the reader’s curiosity with an intriguing question or statement. However, generally you should get to the point and tell the reader exactly why the product is great.

When it comes down to it, it’s all about great copywriting. Brainstorm headlines until you find one that you think readers won’t be able to turn away from and will be inclined to read on.

Put a good call to action on your sales page that motivates the visitor to buy

The call to action tells the reader what to do if they are interested. A missing call to action could be a big reason why conversion rates are low. You need to clearly explain what visitors can do next if they are interested. Conveniently place a link to the purchase page or to the page that goes to the shopping cart along with your call to action.

by: Mikkie Mills