First love Never dies..
Time will pass..
Years fly fast..
But the love that you felt for the first time in your life will never be apart..
Because it is just hidden deep in your heart.
Some tried to get it and reside there for a while.
One maybe tried to occupied all the spaces in your heart.
But the first love who gets in there hiding with faith can never move ,never touch.Because It grows even more when the time is changing so fast.
People think that their first love is forgotten fade away.
But when the fate makes a way to make their path cross again for the second time. Love will suddenly move away to its hiding place and say hi to the one who makes her/him see and feel what is love all about.
Love can never ignore the desire ,the passion,.It can make anyone break the rules,fight against all odds,and set its own rule to protect and to express the never ending love that they felt deep in their heart forever and always.”Loving you for the first time makes me complete and alive every time” First Love truly never will end only when it’s time for them to Die.Love with all your heart and no one can break you apart.


By: Nelia Vista
        Author is a poet, inspirational article and quote writer