The Finnish government is planning to give all their citizens €800 (£576) a month so let’s all relocate immediately.

The final proposal won’t be ready until November next year, but it’s looking like Finland will scrap all of their existing benefits and just hand out the basic salary to everybody. And it’s a popular idea too (obviously) – around 69 per cent of Finnish people support the basic income plan, according to a poll by The Finnish Social Insurance Institution (KELA). ‘For me, a basic income means simplifying the social security system,’ prime minister Juha Sipilä said.

While it may seem like a standard basic income would encourage people not to work, it’s actually designed to do the opposite.

Under the current welfare system, a person gets less in benefits if they take up temporary, low paying or part-time work – which can result in an overall loss of income. However, a basic rate of pay would allow people to take up these jobs with no personal cost… see more

source: metro UK