The former CEO of the company that developed the Opera browser, Jon von Tetzchner, launched a new browser on Tuesday designed specifically for power users.

Vivaldi is designed for the person who is always struggling to fit all their tabs onto a single screen. The browser, which is currently in “technical preview,” still needs a lot work, according to developers. There is no mobile version of Vivaldi, either, for the time being — so the browser is definitely in its early stages.

The new browser offers “tab stacks,” which let users group similar tabs in clusters, rather than lining them all up in a single row at the top of the browser screen. A quick-command shortcut system is customizable, and a Notes feature allows users to take notes while browsing and keep screenshots for reference in an in-browser Notes panel.

But I already have Chrome, or Safari, or Opera, you say. Von Tetzchner said people will be drawn to Vivaldi because it offers features for advanced users, which was the original goal of Opera. However, the browser ended up in a more Chrome-like direction that didn’t sit well with him… see more

source: mashable