A top US investigator has said he is “fairly confident” there will be more indictments in the FIFA corruption scandal.

It comes after Sepp Blatter was re-elected for another term as president of world football’s governing body, despite widespread calls for him to step down in the wake of the controversy engulfing the organisation.

Richard Weber, head of the Internal Revenue Service’s criminal investigations unit, told the New York Times: “I’m fairly confident that we will have another round of indictments.

“We strongly believe there are other people and entities involved in criminal acts.”

Mr Weber would not identify the remaining targets of the investigation, or say whether Mr Blatter was among them.

Speaking two days after 14 people were charged over alleged bribes totalling more than $150m (£98m), he dismissed the idea the US government was on a mission to topple the leadership of FIFA.

Mr Weber said: “I don’t think there was ever a decision or a declaration that we would go after soccer.

“We were going after corruption.

“One thing led to another, led to another and another.”.. see more

source: skynews