Landing in yet another controversy, former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Farooq Abdullah has said that men are scared of talking to women for fear of ending up in jail. However, within hours of making the remark, the Union Minister offered his apologies over it.


Talking to reporters outside Parliament, Abdullah said that he was sorry if he had hurt sentiments of people. He, however, added, “My comments were misconstrued.”


The apology from Farooq Abdullah came after his son, Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah, posted a tweet seeking an apology from his father over his statement.


Omar had tweeted, “I’m sure the attempt wasn’t to trivialise important issue of women’s security so I hope dad apologises for the misplaced attempt at humour.”

“These days, I am afraid of talking to women. In fact I don’t even want to keep a woman secretary, god forbid, if there’s a complaint against me and I end up in jail. Such is the state of affairs today. I agree that incidents of rape have increased…but this has to stop somewhere,” Farooq Abdullah had said.


The former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister had added that he was not blaming the girls, but the society itself.


Angry reactions on Twitter

Even though Farooq Abdullah apologised after the controversial remark, people took to Twitter to vent their ire.

source: indianexpress