Family is the strong tie,
That holds u to the ground.


When it seems that u have lost,
All that u had found.


They are the rock that holds u down,
When u start to float away,
& they can turn your life around,


When you go astray.
They are the friends that u are born with,
They are with you ’till the end,

When life treats you rough,
your broken heart they will mend.


Although sometimes u may fuss and fight,
& may not always agree,


In the dark, they are the light,
That shows the path so u can see


The blessings of a big family.
are only seen by a few.

A few of the chosen ones.
that God has given this blessing too.

The blessings are so numerous.
it’s hard to even start.

To number or to name them but.
they all hold a place in the heart.


Changes will come and loneliness will fade
When you learn to accept the choices you made


May you, me and everyone around

be happy and blessed with

By: JB
         Jb is a poet, inspirational article and quote writer.