Falling in Love is Easy..

but falling out of Love is not easy..

Some men and women falls in Love ..

At the first time first meet first hi and hellos..

They call it “First Love in first meet” Many falls in Love for reason and in season..

Only few falls in Love in a long Que..

Very rare are those who falls in Love till the day they die.

Its” True. Love” Often I saw those who falls in love after the arranged married..

But there’s a kind of Love that you think it didn’t exist.

Its a Kind of Love that start with friendship..

It made stronger by the obstacle,struggles.

It was developed by the tears ,patience,exchanging ideas,fighting what they want in life…

It was ignored and kept in the heart without knowing noticing it..

But then as we all know “Love is a strong emotion that makes a weak into strong,mute into talkative,Simple to sophisticated and coward to fearless,I called it “The Magical Love” Often we underestimated the power Of Love.

They will forget what you say what you do but they will never forget how you’ve made them Feel.

Love is an Emotion that so eager to gets in but so lazy to go out.Once it touches your heart there is no way out.No return No Exchange and always makes you fall down but always ready to get up again to Love and to be Loved.

No matter What!!


By: Nelia Vista

       Nelia Vista is a poet, inspirational article and quote writer.