Facebook shares have closed at their highest level since their debut trading day 14 months ago.

Shares in the social media company rose 1.5% to $38.05 (£24.86) on Friday, a closing price not seen since the firm’s initial public offering (IPO) on May 18 last year.

Facebook’s IPO was one of the worst in a decade, and the stock fell to a low of $17.55 (£11.48) in September.

But its mobile advertising business is what appears to have helped the company to turn the corner.

At a technology conference in September 2012, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said: “Now we are a mobile company.

“We know that we’re going to do well on that. There’s a huge opportunity. Now the question is getting there.”

Shareholders and advertisers appear to have been won over with its mobile strategy, which is predicted to generate more than $16bn (£10.47bn) in sales by 2017.

The rise increases the wealth Mr Zuckerberg, 29, who founded the company in 2004.

According to recent data he is now worth $18.4bn (£12.04bn).

It is understood that Mr Zuckerberg’s next step is to sell TV-style commercials that marketers can broadcast into a user’s news feed.