Nothing new: Facebook wants to know everything about you. It’s going to happen whether you like it not – that’s more alarming, The Daily Mail writes. The California-based social network giant is hiring professor Yann LeCun of NYU’s Center for Data Science to head a new artificial intelligence lab, aiming to use cutting-edge science to make Facebook more interesting and relevant. It would enable Facebook to learn more about individuals and thus improve its targeted ads and news feed with the hope of selling better.

Facebook announced the news feed algorithm change last week and it has dramatically impacted the content consumed online and on mobile devices.

For now, Facebook feeds may seem like a random jumble, but LeCun argues these ‘can be improved by intelligent systems.’

‘This could include things like ranking (the items in) news feeds, or determining the ads that are shown to users, to be more relevant,’ LeCun said.

‘Then there are things that are less directly connected, like analyzing content, understanding natural language and being able to model users… to allow them to learn new things, entertain them and help them achieve their goals.’

LeCun said the new artificial intelligence lab would be the largest research facility of its kind in the world. LeCun, the founding director of NYU’s Center for Data Science, is known for creating an early version of a pattern-recognition algorithm that mimics in part the visual cortex of animals and humans.

‘We’re limited only by how many smart people there are in the world that we can hire,’ the French-born mathematician and computer scientist said…. see more

source: voice of russia