Facebook’s 1.5 billion users have become used to seeing targeted ads in their feeds. Soon they’ll be seeing them outside of Facebook in apps and the mobile web.

That’s because Facebook is extending its Audience Network to include third-party apps and mobile websites, meaning advertisers can reach the social network’s users when they’re not on Facebook. It’s a major incursion into Google’s territory and part of Facebook’s attempt use the detailed information in its profiles to remap the digital ad ecosystem, which is based largely on anonymous pieces of browser software known as cookies.

Facebook’s system effectively replaces the cookie with a detailed Facebook profile, allowing Facebook to claim it sells real people, not browsers or devices. “We built an ad system that works on people and not on cookies. We understand the person, and that brings real value to mobile,” Brian Boland, Facebook’s VP of advertising technology, told International Business Times.

It’s a big step for Facebook that will allow it to broaden its position from a mere seller of digital ads to a company that, like Google, powers significant portions of the online ad ecosystem. Facebook is already a majority-mobile business; of its $4.5 billion in revenue in the third quarter of 2015, 78 percent came from mobile. Facebook boasts 1 billion daily active users, with 894 million via mobile, as of November. .. see more

source: ibtimes