Whether it’s ‘Wow, tickets to Paris. I love my girlfriend!’ or ‘Eating a banana. Epic’, most Facebook users will have wished they could voice their disapproval of irritating, smug or just plain boring status updates.

Indeed ‘inspirational’ quotes, stealth bragging (‘Some guys in a pub were staring at me. I hate men sometimes’) and banal descriptions of daily life make many of us yearn for the ability to flip that ‘like’ thumb upside down.

Well now the wait is over – sort of.

Facebook has finally added a ‘dislike’ icon, but it only shows up on the site’s messaging service.

The site has added a sticker to its Facebook Messenger app that allows users to respond to messages with a variety of icons that play on the iconic Facebook ‘like’ thumbs-up symbol. One of them is oft-asked for thumbs down.

There is a also heart, a peace sign, a protest fist, a hand holding a bunch of flowers and a glass of Champagne.

However, it is not available to post on your newsfeed or on your wall, so the wait to let your friends know what you think as easily as possible continues.

Stickers are illustrations or animations of characters that you can send to friends. They are growing in popularity as it means users no longer have to dig the icons out of a menu.

On the Facebook help page they are described as ‘a great way to share how you’re feeling and add personality to your chats.’

A commenter on Allfacebook, an unoffical Facebook blog, said: ‘Once you start using them, there is little you can do to keep yourself from going crazy. My favorite ones for now are Minions stickers!’

The set is available to download for free in the Sticker Store on the Messenger app.

source: dailymail UK