If you think that humiliating photo you’ve conveniently hidden on Facebook is for your eyes only, think again.

A new browser extension, available now on the Chrome web store, boasts that it will let you view the hidden photos of ‘anyone on Facebook’ – whether they’re your friend or not.

Facebook users currently have the ability to ‘hide from their timeline’ any unflattering photo that they don’t wish others to see.

(Picture: Facebook)

People should detag themselves from photos they truly wish to hide on Picturebook (Picture: Facebook)

What many people don’t realise is that ‘hiding’ a picture doesn’t remove or block the photo in any way and the Picturebook app takes advantage of this loophole to find those hidden photos.

Picturebook’s description is, therefore, slightly misleading. No app or browser extension is truly able to change the privacy settings of someone else’s photo and if you untag yourself from an unflattering photo, Picturebook won’t be able to find it.

What the extension does is make it easier to find something that could have been found (with a little work) anyway, although it does exploit the misconception that ‘hidden’ photos are undiscoverable.


source: metro UK