Habits are often too weak to be felt until they are strong to be
broken.  Habits are tough to break.  Make an inventory of your habits
and make it a good bundle.  Try to convert old, negative habits into
positive patterns of living.

Jealousy is a sickness of the heart that destroys relationship.  Take
care of your heart as you take care of your love.

Jealousy jumps into conclusions that mentally accuse a mate of
indiscretion. Stay focused and be secured with each other.

Jealousy is a negative vibration that affects your emotional and
physical health.  Trust like no other and be jealous – free.

When we keep our hearts, we will avoid against the outburst of
jealousy.   Love your heart and love yourself.

Stay away from stress, stay away from jealousy.   Take care of your
loved ones.

Temper shown in the wrong way at the wrong time can destroy a person
and a relationship.  Take your time … relax and let it go.

If tears and temper are tools you use, decide to do something about
it.  Take first things first and try to change your life and change of

If you are angry, be sure it is not out of wounded pride or bad
temper.  It is alright to be angry but let it go fast.

Never ever go to sleep angry with someone or with yourself.  Forgive
and let go.

Never ever get even verbally with someone for whatever provocative
chatter.  Stay calm and poise at all cost.

Admit it if you have a bad temper and try to overcome it the soonest.
Help yourself to do and say the things that reflect the true essence
of life.


By:   Margie Gellor Villanueva