Is state itself responsible for this incredible slide to utter pandemonium? There is not much terrorism that has sedated Jinnah’s Pakistan. Due to Talibanization people are losing  their faith in the state and its consequences will be worst in the near future.

Pakistan’s image has been tarnished in the world and image it represents ploughed by political,ethnic, and sectarian division. This is not the country for which our forefathers agreed to leave the land of their predecessors. This was what for which muslims of india compromised to leave their land and homes. It was actually Jinnah’s vision of Pakistan.

“He stated that religion is the personal affair of every individual. State has nothing to do with the religion. Everybody is free to go to his temple or mosque”

It  is actually the “Charter of Madina” which provides liberty to individual. Fundamental rights were the top priority of that charter. Many refugees lost their beloved in migrating to Pakistan, but in spite of these sacrifices refugees never reached to true Pakistan. The Quaid’s  dream for our nation . After 25 years of its creation, its constitution was not upto mark . Pakistan is called, “the laboratory of constitutional changes”. Due to power struggle of our politicians, we had lost half of Quaid’s Pakistan in 1971. In 1980’s Zia-ul-Haq led the base of terrorism in the name of Islam and conservation in Quaid’s secular Pakistan. Now-a-days our leadership is not intrigued to vanquish fundamentalism. War against terror is the epic challenge which has deteriorate the state since last ten years. That imbroglio has put the state into a mess of larceny. In recent elections, public  has given PML(N) the mandate of two-third majority on the pledges of Nawaz Sharif and used slogan that his party is the only last hope of nation, but after passing four months ,no serious steps have been taken to halt the terrorism. ‘Negotiation’  is the new agenda of incumbent government. Negotiation is actually a process in which concerned parties show their seriousness to compromise. But as government led toward peace talks, Taliban assaulted on a Church in Peshawar. John Keynes stated, “Ideas make the course of History”; but idea of ruling party to negotiate with Taliban is looking futile because recent US drone attact on TTP leader Hakeemullah Mehsud has sabotaged the dialogue process. Then how is it possible to conversate with extremist Taliban ? Taliban opposes the Jinnah’s idea of liberal state and has challenged the writ of state. Both ideologies averse from each other . The country is standing at the edge of precipice but government is only mocking with precarious situation. The government has not an adamant agenda to dialogue with Taliban.

There are more than thirty groups of Taliban and how to unite them on same negotiation has not yet taken seriously. Just only a hum of negotiation all around balochistan is facing the epidemicity of ethnicity. Karachi has now become the hub of target killers. Political parties are the main luncher of these target killers. The dwindling economy of Pakistan is also a question mark on the performance of government. Taxes has raised more than twenty percent but yet our budget is a deficient budget. The inflation is increasing day by day. The rich are getting richer, while poor are sinking deeper into an abyss of disparity. That betrays the jinnah’s vision of Pakistan. Equality, Liberty and fraternity are the fundamentals of jinnah’s ideology. The wealth of nation is plundering, untold sins are committed in the name of democracy ‘Accountability’ word has been reduced to a farce. Nobody in this country, either the executive, the opposition, or the judiciary is interested in accountability as it is understood in West. In United states, Vice President Sipro Agnew, who was alleged to have taken bribes, have been forced to resign by congress. The energy sector, railway, PIA crises are the evidences of dud for imprudent government  . Snobbish executive of Nawaz league is only declaring the current morass, the performance of former government. They are only indicating their position by yelling on former government. Whatever the ex-government had done, but what you are doing. Speeches are not judge of government’s performance. History would be the final  judge of performance and that what you had done must stand the test of time. Is nepotism is only the priority of incumbent government or the challenges of state.

If terrorism is not taken first in the list of priorities than governmental bodies will also be in the hell of terror. Gilani as Prime Minister had done nothing against terror but only gave ‘mazamat’ statements. His own son is now in the custody of extremists. Next it may be the son of Nawaz or Chaudry Nisar?

Internal problem of state are worse than external. The wave of terror; if not halted will cover the whole country. If Pakistan were to decline, it will not be because it could not maintain itself against the resurging power of India. The judgement of history would be that as in the case of the Mughal or the Ottoman Empire’s much more internal than external.

There is a lot that call for our attention and adequate riposte to put the state on right way toward Jinnah’s Pakistan. It is indispensable to put the annoyed people into political stream of Pakistan. The only solution to eradicate Talibanization evil from state is peace talks. Other options; revolution, Sri Lankan conquest against Tamil Tigers is not favorable for current scenario because our economy is always trembling. As far as Nawaz’s government is concerned, it should take favorable measures which are best for state and government without bloodshed to develop the state into Jinnah is visionary state.

By: Nohaiz Mehmood
 Writer is  student of English Literature in Government College University Lahore (Pakistan)