I get the feeling that this is second nature to him and he is not disrespectful to me – that is how he is. Once logged-in, he opens the Elitehive page – his product, his creation, his pride.

Elitehive is a social networking application, where people can connect, chat, share photos/videos and get news. Some actually call it a Ugandan version of Facebook.

“The Mac Book is my moving office. I monitor and update the site at every opportunity I get,” says the 25-year old with a smile, revealing his spaced, strikingly white teeth.

If you are one of those who judge a person by attire, you can hardly tell that Sseremba, in a white striped second-hand shirt, blue jeans and moccasins, is the chief executive officer of Elitehive. And his 55 kilogrammes do little to draw attention to him.

Just like most tech-geeks, Sseremba believes that it is better to have a smarter mind than body and it’s the philosophy that has driven him on the Elitehive platform.

And no better person can explain this than his girlfriend, Joseline Namudiba Okonya.

“He is obsessed with innovations. When he told me about Elitehive, I could not see a Ugandan coming up with a successful social networking platform,” she says.

But the Sseremba she knew was never going to give up and Joseline had no option but to support the project.

“I have given him all the support he needs. I’m happy that the project has picked ground and people have started getting on board,” she adds.

Developing Elitehive

A 2012 Computer Science graduate at Makerere University, Sseremba was immediately hired by BizTalk Systems Uganda Limited as a systems developer. He, however, continued with online innovations – a hobby that his university friends know him for.

“He has always been adventurous. I don’t know how many applications he developed and failed while still at campus,” recalls Timothy Mubiru, director Ug-screen, who thought Elitehive platform would not last a month.

As he struggled to get a breakthrough, Sseremba was contacted by his Lubiri Secondary School old boy, Micheal Ntambazi, who interested him in starting a social networking platform. see more

source: http://allafrica.com