Cairo: Egyptian censors have banned the release of the Hollywood epic “Exodus: Gods and Kings” at local theatres, saying it has “historical inaccuracies”. Ridley Scott’s 140 million dollar film dramatizes the story of the Prophet Moses and his relations with Egypt’s pharaoh.

“The problem with this film is related to historical facts,” said head of the Egyptian state censorship board, Abdul Sattar Fathi. “One of the key historical mistakes made by this film is that it claims the Jews were the ones who built the Pyramids,” he added in press remarks. “The film treats Moses as an army general, not as a prophet. Furthermore, it shows ancient Egyptians as a mob group persecuting peaceful Jews. Our board has refused this out of respect for Egyptians’ feelings.”

Fathi said that his agency had not sent the film to Al Azhar, Sunni Islam’s influential Egyptian institution, to examine as is the case with religious works. “The film also claims that Jews safely departed from Egypt after the sea parted due to an earthquake, not by the divine miracle of Moses’ rod as stated in the Holy Quran. No other views are admissible in this regard.”.. see more

source: gulfnews