Designers have come up with an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional hairdryer – a pair of revolutionary gloves made from hi-tech microfibres. The ‘Hair Drying Gloves’ look just like ordinary gloves and their makers claim they dry wet hair twice as fast as the traditional bathroom towel. The microfibres in the gloves are apparently specifically designed to absorb the water and leave hair completely dry; they even work without removing styling products such as hair gel and hairspray.

Online retailer Hammacher Schlemmer, which is selling the gloves for around £13, say they are the best way to dry hair.

A spokesperson at Hammacher Schlemmer said: ‘They are a must-have tool. They are a great problem solver, less heat drying creates less damage on the hair. ‘The gloves work by absorbing water from hair and soaking it up in the gloves and they air-dry when you’re done with with them, just like a towel. ‘They are made from an exclusively designed microfibre technology, that was created to help dry hair in half the time it takes for a towel.
‘This microfibre is so fantastic that it absorbs water without removing styling products.’

As well as drying, makers claim that the gloves can style hair, too. The spokesperson said: ‘As well as drying, the gloves are a styling tool. They are good for scrunching hair, twisting into tight curls or loose waves.’ .. see more

source: dailymail UK