Many participants headed to Safa Park for first open day organised by Dubai Municipality

A motely bunch of fitness enthusiasts, braved the sultry weather, for an evening workout at the Safa Park on Monday evening.

Men and women of all age and nationalities, united in their pursuit to adopt a healthier lifestyle and accelerate their weight loss process, were seen sweating it out at a rigorous aerobic routine.

And, those who didn’t want to dance, were seen flocking the numerous stalls that housed fitness experts.

Some got their blood pressure and weight checked, while the others were being tipped about the safest ways to burn fat.

The 3-hour long event was organised by Dubai Municipality as part of its popular ‘Your Weight In Gold’ campaign, where the civic body will reward weight losers 2gms of gold for every kilo lost after the 5-kilo mark, and 3gms for every kilo after the 10-kilo mark.

Mahmood Idris from Egypt claimed that the campaign was life changing. Since its start, he claimed to have lost 10 kilos. “I still want to lose more. Inshallah, I will lose another 5-kilos,” he said, adding that he has changed his diet and exercises every day for at least 2 hours.

And equally determined to cash in on this unique opportunity is 9-year-old Surendar who claimed that the “computer told me I was overweight”.

“I weighed 38kgs, but I must be below 36. Now, I have lost 2 kilos. I want to lose more and I’d love to get the gold.”

Not all participants were as forthcoming about being enticed by the glittering reward.

Glarida James clarified that it was her health and not the gold that prompted her to join this initiative.

“Health is important. I weighed 100-kilos, and after signing up I have lost 3-kilos,” she said, adding that she is determined to lose as much as she possibly can in a month without indulging in any crash diet.

Linda from Philippines claimed she signed up because she wanted to “feel good”, and has set herself a 5-kilo target.

Although she hasn’t made any changes in her diet, she has been jogging every day at Safa park.

“It is a great initiative. This open-house is giving us a chance to go outdoors and meet others, like us, who are in this race,” said Akbar from India, who found out he was overweight and wished to use this opportunity to kick-start a healthier lifestyle.

In fact, it is the campaign that encouraged him to remain cautious about what he ate during Ramadan. “I ended up losing 3 kilos.” But, Akbar hasn’t set any target and is hoping that he continues to lose and not gain.

Betty from India is aware that she is on the heavier side and decided it was time to get in shape. “I am hoping to lose 10 kilos. So far, I have lost 7 kilos.”

Participants of the campaign will be called in on August 30 for a final check on their weight, depending on which they will be rewarded with gold.