Dubai is to fine or jail motorists who slow down to look at roadside accidents, potentially endangering other drivers and road users, a senior police official said.

Salah Bu Farousha Al Falasi, head of Dubai Traffic prosecution, said motorists who see those engaging in the voyeuristic activity, commonly known as rubbernecking, can report the drivers to police.

“If the act of stopping suddenly posed danger to the lives of other road users, the one subjected to this near danger can actually write down the plate number of the car that stopped and report him to police,” Al Falasi was reported as saying by The National newspaper.

Those caught rubbernecking with be investigated and it is found that they endangered lives as a result of their actions they could face fines or jail, the report added.

Road accidents in Dubai resulted in the death of 127 people during the first nine months of 2013, an average of one every 36 hours, police figures showed. This was a 53 percent increase on the same period in 2012.

source: arabianbusiness