The son of Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed, was among firefighters at the site of where fire broke out on Thursday in one of the city’s upscale hotels.

Sheikh Mansoor was pictured dressed in firefighter gear among other Dubai Civil Defense officers who appear to be working together at the site of the fire.

The image that was posted on twitter shows Sheikh Mansoor at the site where the blaze broke out at the Address Hotel Downtown near Dubai’s massive New Year’s Eve fireworks display, where hundreds of thousands of people were gathered for celebrations.

Dubai media office said in a statement that fourteen people had minor injuries from a resulting stampede. It added that 90 percent of the blaze at the Address Hotel Downtown was under control.

According to UAE’s official news agency WAM, there were 16 minor injuries, one moderate while one person suffered a heart attack. Most of the injuries were due to overcrowding and smoke inhalation at the fire site… see more