Sheikh Mohammed, Ruler of Dubai, launched a new smart living strategy in Dubai that seeks to build the world’s most advanced IoT ecosystems in the world.

The UAE Prime Minister also launched the ‘Data Wealth’ initiative, which will protect the emirate’s data and identity government and private entities with “Dubai Digital Certificates” for their security efforts.

The IoT strategy is designed to protect data wealth and encourage government departments to take part in the Smart Dubai Plan 2021, which the government says will lead to the creation of a 100 percent paperless government.

“Dubai’s push to build the future today has helped establish a digital infrastructure that is now a strategic national asset in the wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” Sheikh Mohammed said during a launch event at the headquarters of the Smart Dubai office.

“It is a fortune that all stakeholders in the Dubai government must work together to preserve.

“The Dubai Digital Certificates and the Dubai IoT Strategy mark the official launch of smart living in the emirate and we have directed all government institutions to cooperate and fully implement the initiatives by the year 2021,” he added, noting that the certificates are the benchmark against which all smart services in Dubai should be evaluated… see more

source: arabianbusiness