Mom! Last night I saw a dream….. I was visiting a beautiful place…. I, you and dad were very happy. Granny! I saw you bringing a beautiful dress for me. Sister! I saw a nightmare……. and all that you saw in sleep when you are doing things unintentionally. But have you ever seen a dream with your eyes open…? Yes! We all dream intentionally and want them to become true. Bad part is that we can’t explain it to anyone because we are used to impose things on us.

When you dream about yourself intentionally and consciously you are never wrong. If you saw things and events in deep sleep and want them to become true then why you don’t try and make efforts for the dreams which you saw in consciousness. Dreams which we saw in consciousness are always our ambitions, aims and goals which we think are best for us. Alas! Every ambition, goal and aim is pre set by our elders for us. They are willing to listen to our dreams in deep sleep but they never want to listen to the true dreams connected to our lives. The only reason to this is that they can’t see their dreams to be broken. They direct us to do what they were failed to do. In short they don’t accept their failure and can’t see their scattered dreams irrespective of our dreams. You have no right to destroy many lives for a failure of only one dream. Sometimes parents are so conscious or possessive and decide for them what is good for them but again they don’t care for a dream.

I feel amused when people set goals for their children only because of scope. I want to ask them a very simple question; do you know how long are you going to be live? Definitely not! Then why are you worried about future. People are born free and let them live free. Dream is the only thing with no limitations. But we are not allowed to saw a dream of our choice. People are inspired by lives of the legends but they never know the importance of a single dream due to which they achieved success.

Dream is the essence of life; if directed by others then it can become a nightmare. At the end a very humble request to elders; guide us to follow our dreams not yours!!


By: Aisha Mushtaq
       Writer is student of BSc. Honz. 3rd GCU Lahore (Pakistan)