The writing of articles regulating the performance of the armed forces and judicial authorities have so far proved difficult for the 50-Member Committee tasked with amending Egypt’s 2012 constitution as part of the country’s new political roadmap.

Mohamed Salmawy, media spokesperson for the 50-Member Committee, told a press conference on Tuesday that “189 articles have so far been drafted by the committee.”

“Out of these, we have 18 new articles, mostly instituting new freedoms in the new constitution,” said Salmawy, adding that “We have not so far reached settlement over the controversial articles regulating the performance of the armed forces and judicial authorities.”

As a result, Salmawy indicated that it was decided that subcommittees drafting chapters related the army and judicial authorities hold a series of closed-door meetings in the coming three days (Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday) to reach a settlement on them.

“So when we hold a plenary meeting next Sunday, we hope that all the articles of the new constitution will be complete and ready for discussion.”

On Wednesday , Amr Moussa, chairman of the 50-Member Committee, stressed that the army has by no means exerted pressure on the body, either to sustain its privileges or establish personal immunity for Minister of Defence Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi

Moussa, addressing a meeting held by the national dialogue subcommittee, said: “It is not on the mind of the 50-Member Committee to write the constitution in a way that grants special immunity to anybody, including the minister of defence himself.”

Moussa stressed that “this is far from the truth and the representative of the armed forces has never asked for it.” see more

source: ahram online