If you’re always late, then this watch could give you the perfect excuse.

Invented in Japan, the Kisai Rorschach is a bizarre device that tells you the time while giving you a psychological evaluation.

Inventor Tokyoflash, famous for creating inscrutable watch faces, wanted to mimic the inkblot tests of Hermann Rorshach.

The tests use a series of mysterious ink patterns to evaluate a patient’s thoughts and emotions by their response as to what the patterns remind them of.

In a statement, the company claims the watch makes ‘reading the time simple’.

Hours are shown in the top right, minutes in the bottom left, the rest of the screen is a reflection of these digits which creates the inkblot effect.

The Kisai Rorschach uses e-paper display similar to that used on Amazon’s Kindle range so its power consumption is minimal.

It has a battery life of two to three years and allows wearers to switch between black on white or vice-versa.

The watch also includes a power-saving sleep mode, which can be used between 12am and 7am.

During this time it will display a different cryptic ink blot design on each day of the week.

‘By using sleep mode you can extend the battery life to last up to three years,’ according to the company.

‘Of course, you can wake up the watch at any time by pressing a button.’

But chances are, if you’re running late then you don’t need a £114 watch to tell you you’re stressed.

source: dailymail UK