Princess Diana’s lover Hasnat Khan has criticised a big-budget movie about their romance, as ‘completely wrong’ – and says he will never watch it.

In a rare interview, Dr Khan is scathing about a trailer for the film, Diana, and gives an insight into his close personal life with the Princess of Wales.

Speaking days before the release of the film, starring Naomi Watts and Naveen Andrews, the cardiologist also denied claims by the producer that the movie had his ‘tacit acceptance’.

He said: ‘It is a complete lie. I have never given any approval.’

Dr Khan, 54, nicknamed Mr Wonderful by the Princess, and her lover for two years, said he had received a number of approaches from the filmmakers and the author of the book the movie is based on seeking his co-operation, but had rebuffed them.

The heart surgeon, who for the past 16 years has maintained a dignified silence over the intimate details of his relationship with Diana, made his remarks in an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday. ‘I don’t see this movie doing well at all,’ he said.

‘It is based on gossip and Diana’s friends talking about a relationship that they didn’t know much about, and some of my relatives who didn’t know much about it either. It is all based on hypotheses and gossip.’

The movie claims to chart the Princess’s romance with Dr Khan, which broke down shortly before her death alongside Dodi Fayed in a car crash on a Paris underpass on August 31, 1997.

It will premiere at Leicester Square in London’s West End on September 5 before going on general release in October.

source: Dailymail UK