For the second year in a row, Denmark is the most wind-powered country in world history, Danish officials announced this weekend.

The Scandinavian country produced a whopping 42 percent of its electricity from wind power in 2015, the highest proportion ever achieved by a country, according to Denmark’s utility company, Energinet.

And for the first time ever last year, the country was able to turn off its large central power stations for an entire day and provide all electricity from wind turbines and other renewable energy sources.

This is the second year in a row that Denmark has set the record for wind energy; in 2014 it generated 39 percent of its electricity from the turbines.

The increase is partly due to an exceptionally windy year, the company conceded, but the jump is consistent with year-over-year increases since 2005, when Denmark was only producing about 19 percent of its energy from wind power…. see more

source: huffingtonpost