A PILOT who died after mysteriously crashing 800 kilometres from his planned destination left everything to the pop star Taylor Swift, it has emerged.

Michael Callan’s plane crash-landed in thick fog at Nashville airport where it lay undiscovered on the runway for up to seven hours.

The single-engine Cessna set off from the Canadian town of Windsor on a short 50-kilometre hop to nearby Pelee Island three weeks ago.

But Callan’s plane veered wildly off its route, crossing the US border and heading south until it reached Nashville – which also happens to be Swift’s hometown.

According to the The Tennessean the 45-year-old Canadian circled Nashville airport for two and a half hours without coming to the attention of authorities. He then crashed as he came into land.

As investigators tried to piece together the mystery of how and why Callan, who was single and described by his family as an “aspiring pilot who loved to fly”, had ended up so far from his planned destination they discovered he had listed pop star Swift as his next of kin.

Swift, who moved to Nashville when she was 14 to pursue a country music career, reportedly had never heard of the dead man.

“The first we heard of this was when the appropriate authorities contacted Taylor’s management about the crash,” Paula Erickson, Swift’s publicist, told The Tennessean. “Taylor does not know this person.”
source: news.com.au