David Beckham has reportedly been approached to star in The Secret Service by Colin Firth.

The ex-footballer is said to be close to signing on the dotted line to make his acting debut in the spy film.

A source told The Sun: ‘Becks was asked by Colin Firth if he’d like to be in the movie but he is yet to fully commit.

‘He loves movies and fancies appearing on the big screen – but just as a one-off, not a full-time career.’

Matthew Vaughn is directing The Secret Service about a veteran secret agent who takes a young upstart under his wing.

Firth is starring alongside Samuel L Jackson and Michael Caine in the movie.

The source added: ‘Matthew feels having Becks on board will raise the profile of the movie to such heights, everyone will want to see it.’

Elton John will reportedly make a cameo in the film, which is based on the graphic novel by Kick-Ass creator Mark Miller.

source: metro uk