The father of a Muslim American solider killed in Iraq slammed Donald Trump for his threats to tighten U.S. borders by preventing Muslims from entering the country.

Khizr Khan, whose son Humayun Khan, 27, was a Muslim American and captain in the U.S. Army when he was killed by a suicide bomber in Iraq in 2004, had some harsh words for Republican nominee Donald Trump and his so-called Muslim ban.

“If it was up to Donald Trump, he never would have even been in America,” Khan said, adding that Trump “consistently smears” the character of Muslims, women, judges and leaders in his own party.

“He vows to build walls and ban us from this country. Donald Trump, you’re asking Americans to trust you with their future. Let me ask you, have you even read the United States Constitution?” he said, volunteering to lend Trump his copy and pointing to provisions for liberty and equal protection under law… see more

source: usatoday