A SYDNEY dad whose son was bullied at school has fought back by creating an iPad app in order to help other children dealing with the same problem.

The first program of its kind, The Dandelion Project has been taken on by Apple and it will be rolled out globally in August.

Galvin Scott Davis, 40, from Marrickville, came up with the concept for the story when his son Carter, now eight, was being bullied at school.

Created as a book series as well as an app, he used a dandelion because it grows in most countries and is associated with the idea if you blow on it you can make a wish.

He said: “Some kids aren’t really in a position to counteract bullying. The story was created to make something which would get him to talk to me about it.”

The child in the story, Benjamin Brewster, can’t physically counteract the bullies so he uses his imagination.”

On the app, children can blow on the dandelion and see it scatter, while making a wish.

The project will also include the topics of cyber bullying, female bullying, and look at the story of the bullies themselves.

Luke Enrose, who worked on the Harry Potter films and Charlotte’s Web, also took part in the project.


Ref : http://www.news.com.au