The last thing you need to see when getting a coffee in the morning is a woman assaulting a man by pushing him up against the wall using the power of her mind.

But that’s what some customers at a US café thought they were witnessing when a young lady flipped out after someone had spilled coffee on her laptop.

But it turned out the altercation wasn’t real and actually a viral stunt for upcoming horror movie remake Carrie.

That didn’t stop it from being any less hilarious though, as the victims of the set-up reacted with both astonishment and fear when the woman seemed to have the power of telekinesis.

During the two-minute video posted on YouTube, she manages to move tables, make books fly off the shelves and push tables without touching them.

Armaan Kapur enjoyed the clip, and wrote: ‘Well that was epic. Also, LMAO at the woman filming with her cell phone.’

Bryan Lee commented on the price of the beverages in the café.

He added: ‘You can tell the coffee here is really expensive because not one person drops it even though they have just seen the most terrifying thing in their lives.’

The makers of the video were able to pull off the impressive stunt by using false walls, tables controlled by remotes and a hidden pulley system.

source: metro UK