Milan – An Italian court has barred former Prime Minister, and current senator, Silvio Berlusconi from politics for two years, as a result of his conviction for tax fraud.

The ban must first be approved by parliament before it can begin, BBC News reports.

The vote is not expected to take place until next month, Reuters reports.

Berlusconi was first found guilty and sentenced to four years for tax fraud in 2012.

He has also been in trouble for paying for sex with an underage prostitute.

In August, an Italian Supreme Court upheld Berlusconi’s conviction, but under a 2006 pardon act, his four-year sentence was automatically reduced to one, BBC News reports.

Earlier this month, a cross-party panel of the Italian senate endorsed Berlusconi’s expulsion from the chamber.

At first, Berlusconi threatened to bring down the government over the situation, but then backed down during a confidence vote.

If he is expelled from the senate, Berlusconi will no longer have his parliamentary immunity from the prosecution.

He will also either spend a year under house arrest or doing community service.