There have been countless iPhone 6 concepts that show how designers would like the handset to look, but not necessarily how it will look. A design student has addressed this balance by creating a series of mockups based on leaked specifications, images of dummy models and current handsets.
All the elements were modelled from scratch, and any dimensions that haven’t been leaked have been based on the iPhone 5S.

The concepts are the work of Dutch project design student Mark Pelin, and show a sleek, thin and rounded design.

The home button is shown with a metal ring, expected to be Apple’s next-generation fingerprint scanner, and the rear of the case features black stripes along the top and the bottom. Pelin told MailOnline: ‘The antenna stripes are 1mm wide – significantly thinner than on the dummy models – and have a ‘black glass’ idea to them, similar to what the 5S has on the back. ‘I modelled every part, from scratch, [including the] headphone jack, cameras, lightning port, and all the buttons. ‘As far as I can tell, the dimensions are correct down to the millimetre. ‘I used the dimensions of the ‘leaked’ iPhone 6 schematics, and the dummy dimensions.’.. see more

source: dailymail UK