Tablets are quite in vogue these days. People use them for different purposes. These tablets serve educational and recreational purposes. Different businessman and entrepreneurs use tablets because they are handy and easy to use. They can keep an eye on their business without using their PCs and laptops. They are smaller in sizes and easy to carry. Market is bombarded with latest tablets and sometimes it is very difficult for consumers to select the best tablet for them. We will draw the comparison between top 3 tablets in this article.

  1. iPad

iPad is the creation of Apple Inc. it has a highly demanded by the consumers. It is very nicely designed. Three versions are available for iPad (iPad, iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4). It runs the iOS mobile operating system which is similar to iPhones. It is user friendly. It can store different apps and iBooks for education. iPad is most famous for educational use. It is best for students who use iBooks for studies. Different educational and adventurous podcasts are available for students. You can save pictures and videos in iCloud Photo Library. Facetime is available which is used to call iphone and iPad with video call option. According to surveys and researches, students like it the has high pixel camera and it also possesses cellular capacity. It is stable and secure.

  1. Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Tab is presented by Samsung Electronics. It is android based. Different series have been released. It is user friendly and easy to use. It has different apps for education, entertainment and business. It is the second most used tab after iPad. It also helps students and provides them educational apps. Different games can be installed for leisure time. It is handy and easy to carry. It has integrated fingerprint technology and privacy is maintained with the help of this technology. Payments are also authorized by using this fingerprint technology. Smart TV can be connected on Samsung Tablet PC.  Moreover, it is user-friendly as well. It has built in camera and also possesses cellular capacity.

  1. Microsoft

Microsoft tablet PC is presented by Microsoft. It is beautifully designed and is useful for entrepreneurs and students. It has windows 8 and 10 operating system in different versions of Microsoft Tablet PCs. It is beautifully designed. Various apps can be installed for educational and recreational purposes. It doesn’t possess cellular capacity. Windows 8 tablet is very famous among consumers of Microsoft. It has all the essential features of Windows 8. It is beneficial for business persons. The software and business applications made it easy for entrepreneurs to carry out business related calculations. It is mostly used in offices and homes for business related affairs.

These are the most used three tablets. IPad ranks first because it helps students in educational affairs. It is easy to carry and different applications can be installed in it. The Samsung tablet PC is also user friendly and easy to carry; it has cellular capacity and is sleek and stylish. Microsoft tablet is business oriented and is best for entrepreneurs and business persons.


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