They might look like something out of a James Bond movie but these luxury underwater houses – the first of their kind in the world – are set to be built in Dubai. The ‘Floating Seahorse’ villas – technically boats without propulsion – will feature three luxurious levels including one that is completely underwater. Technically boats without propulsion, the homes can even be moved making them perfect for privacy-seeking celebrities or the super-rich.

Kleindienst Group have just been given the green light for 42 villas which will each have their own plot in the Arabian Gulf as part of the World Islands Project. The developers also plan to create an artificial coral reef beneath them which will protect the project’s namesake – the endangered seahorse – and give residents incredible underwater views.

The idea was first floated at the Dubai International Boat Show in March, with confirmation for the build project finally announced on Monday. Since the announcement the company claim to have already received interest from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the Caribbean, Sweden, Portugal and a host of other countries… see more

source: Dailymail UK