Spare a thought for the amount of time his owners have to spend vacuuming the house after him.

Colonel Meow – a Himalayan-Persian cross-breed who lives with his owners Anne Marie Avey and Eric Rosario in Los Angeles, California – is officially the cat with the longest fur in the world.

The two-year-old feline, whose hair reaches an astonishing 9in (23cm), is now being recognised in the new Guinness World Records 2014 book out next month.

Miss Avey said: ‘We already knew that he was the best cat in the world, but to be recognised in the Guinness World Records book takes it to the next level.

But she added: ‘Literally everything in the house has hair on it, including us. I feel like I’m always vacuuming.’

Colonel Meow, who was adopted as a rescue cat, has to have his fur brushed up to three times a week – and it takes both Ms Avey and Mr Rosario to complete the job.

The couple said that they never use products on Colonel Meow’s fur – applying only water and brushes if he gets dirty.

Colonel Meow has become an internet sensation with the launch of his own website, Facebook page and YouTube channel – which has already been viewed more than 2million times.

His fur measurements were taken by three independent vets, recording an average length based on 10 hairs. The evidence was then sent through to Guinness World Records to verify the new record.

Guinness World Records editor-in-chief Craig Glenday said: ‘Colonel Meow is being groomed for stardom, and I know the furry feline will be a big hit with readers.

‘He’s an incredible creature, and he’ll undoubtedly inspire people all around to the world to whip out their rulers and start measuring their own cat’s fur.

‘We’re pleased to welcome him into the Guinness World Records family – and as you’ll be seeing shortly, he’s just one of the many spectacular record-holders that feature in the new book.’

The latest edition will be out on September 12. The world’s best-selling copyright book was first published in 1955 and has sold more than 120 million copies to date in more than 100 countries.

source: Dailymail UK