Most of us don’t have much use for the capabilities of a supercomputer — but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t keep a handle on how these systems are progressing. The bi-annual list of the top 500 supercomputers in the world is a good way of tracking the trends, and the latest edition of the ranking suggests that China is leading the pack.

Top500 is the organization behind the list, which was released on June 20 at the 2016 International Supercomputer Conference. The latest iteration marks the first time that China was better represented than the United States, with its 167 supercomputers that made the cut edging out the 165 that are located in the U.S.

A Chinese computer also managed to take the top spot, dethroning the Tianhe-2. That computer had previously dominated the rankings, having placed first on each of the previous six lists to be released, according to a report from Tech Spot… see more

source: digitaltrends