Even through Beijing’s nicotine-tinged smog you can make out the multicoloured frames, gliding through the pea soup towards a greener future.

In recent months, an unmissable fleet of fluorescent orange, canary yellow and ocean blue bicycles has hit the streets of urban China as part of a hi-tech bike-sharing boom that entrepreneurs hope will make them rich while simultaneously transforming the country’s traffic-clogged cities.

“We want to solve problems by getting bikes back on to the streets of our cities,” says Li Zekun, the 25-year-old marketing director of Beijing Bikelock Technology, also known as Ofo, one of the startups spearheading this 21st-century transport revolution.

From Shanghai to Sichuan province, bike-sharing schemes are being rolled out on an unprecedented scale in an effort to slash congestion and air pollution by putting a country once known as the “Kingdom of Bicycles” back on two wheels…see more

source: scmp